Barbados @ 50 - Pigtails

>> Friday 28 October 2016

Salted pigtails play a key role in Barbadian cuisine. It is mostly used to season and flavour dishes such as the famous Rice & Peas and to season boiled ground provisions. In addition to seasoning, salt meat (which includes salted beef) is also cooked as the protein in some dishes, for example, Privilege,  stews, and soups. It is excellent when stuffed in whole roasted breadfruit. Stay tuned for that later.

One of the more popular ways to enjoy pigtails is barbecued. De-salted, this most delicious part of the pig is grilled, charred, and glazed with the house barbecue sauce of the vendor selling it. You can find BBQ pigtails at lunch buffets, at pork limes (fetes), or as part of the street food scene.

BBQ Pigtails photo Grilling5_zpsuofkas28.png

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