Barbados @ 50 - Rice & Peas

>> Thursday 27 October 2016

Each county in the Caribbean has a dish of rice and peas/beans that is a staple. The peas/beans used differentiate the dish of rice and peas from one state to another. The variety of the peas/beans is also considered - fresh or dried and rehydrated. In some cases the peas/beans are cooked with the rice to make a one pot dish and in other places, the peas/beans is cooked into a stew and ladled beside or on top of cooked rice.

In Barbados, rice and peas is made with pigeon peas - fresh, dry and rehydrated, the latter being more popular and readily available. Salted pigtails or salted beef is used to season (salt) the dish. Considered the "prize in the rice" if you get a piece of the salt meat that was cooked in the dish, consider yourself to be lucky and know that the cook is fond of you.

Rice and Peas photo rice peas4_zpskkdseqla.png

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