Crispy Okra Salad

>> Friday, 11 May 2018

Okra Salad photo okra salad10_zps0becgnrw.png

Apart from the obvious love and hate stance people take with okra/ochroe, there is a middle ground. The middle ground is where you find those people who would eat okra only if it is prepared in specific ways and in specific dishes. For example, my best friend will eat okra in Cornmeal Cou-cou but not in any other dish. This dish of Crispy Fried Okra is one of the many ways in which some in the middle would eat okra because there is none of the inherent slime/gooeyness present.

This salad is best eaten fresh for optimum crisp soon after it is made, however, when I first had it a few years ago, I had some leftover which I refrigerated. I love okra so it did not bother me that the crispness would not be there the following day. I placed the remaining salad atop slices of roast pork sandwiched between slices of artisan-style bread (think coleslaw). It was so good. On another occasion I had it with dhal and rice. Simply delicious.

Here is the recipe.

Sliced Okra photo sliced okra2_zpsrqx8qybb.png

Fried Okra photo fried okra2_zpszmz9zx3t.png

Crispy Okra Salad photo okra salad11_zpsoaogtgdp.png


(Criss) Cross Buns

>> Thursday, 29 March 2018

Cross Buns photo cbuns15_zpscum63hol.png

Just as how the baking of Cross Buns is a yearly tradition for those that observe Lent and Easter, it has almost become a yearly tradition for me to tweak my Cross Buns recipe. I made some changes to my original recipe last year and was very pleased with the results - the buns are softer with the addition of eggs and melted butter to the dough. And since I was making changes, I thought, it might be nice to criss cross the icing glaze instead of the traditional cross. What do you think?

Click here for the recipe.

Cross Bun photo cbun10_zpszswaadxz.png


Ditch The Mayo For This Egg Salad

>> Saturday, 28 October 2017

Egg Avocado Salad photo avo esalad4_zpsixfjclat.png

Creamy with a hint of inherent sweetness, avocados make an excellent substitute for mayonnaise for certain salads. Coleslaw, tuna, potato, and egg salads are among my favorites to use this fruit as a cream-based dressing. Sometimes I add it 2 ways - as a dressing and as one of the main ingredients by cutting the avocados into chunks or slices.

This salad is certainly a different kind of green eggs.

Egg Avocado Salad2 photo avo esalad6_zpszwa0lv54.png

Click here for the recipe.

Egg Salad Cutter photo avo sand5_zps08nblayz.png

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