Guyana @ 50 - Shine Rice

>> Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Shine Rice can be considered a peasant dish - using bare essentials and applying cooking skills to create something tasty. Shine Rice is white rice cooked with fresh coconut milk; a handful of dried shrimp or salt fish is usually added (if available) to give more flavour to the dish. It is really excellent on its own but it also goes well with vegetables and seafood. Omit the dried seafood and it can accompany almost anything.

 photo shine rice_zpshpooy47d.png
Shine Rice ©Cynthia Nelson


Guyana @ 50 - Tennis Rolls

>> Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Each country in the Caribbean has their special breads and rolls. In Guyana Tennis Roll is THE bread roll of choice. Even though it is popularly served and eaten with sharp cheddar cheese, eggs, ham, butter, jam, jelly, peanut butter, sardines and tuna are among the things that can be sandwiched between a cut tennis roll.

A Tennis Roll is not simply an ordinary bread roll, it is flavoured with lemon and the dough is worked in such a way to form a very fine crumb. The recipe for Tennis Rolls is elusive and a carefully guarded secret by the various bakeries that make them. Those of us who try to make it at home, do some from our own taste memory.

Tennis Rolls photo tennis rolls_zps8qv5avfc.png
Tennis Rolls ©Cynthia Nelson


Guyana @ 50 - Enamelware

>> Monday, 2 May 2016

Though there would be tableware of the finest of materials, enamelware was still to be found in many homes. These days, enamelware has made a huge comeback and I can't get enough of them. They are hard to find locally but every now and then you can spot a few pieces. Each morning I drink my tea from a large enamel cup that holds just the right amount of tea. I like the covers that come with the cups too as they keep the tea hot as it steeps.

I have fond memories of watching one of my beloved aunts cool her evening tea by pouring the hot tea from one enamel cup into another; she'd skilfully raise her hands high in the air as she poured and not a drop would miss the cup below.

Enamel Cup photo ecup_zpspivj7dhl.png
Enamel Cup ©Cynthia Nelson

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