Tasting What You Eat

>> Saturday 2 May 2009

Do you taste when you eat? In other words, can you discern what it is that you’re eating and drinking when you consume food and beverages? I’m not referring to having a finely tuned palate as that of a chef or someone very familiar with food. Rather, I’m talking about the ability to determine that you are eating the breast meat of chicken rather than the thigh meat; that you’re eating beef and not lamb; or drinking tangerine juice and not orange juice. Click here to read the rest of the column.


My friend Kate Flour at A Merrier World is conducting a series, Edible Lives. It's an interview series through which she delves into the lives and works of food bloggers. Kate's approach is that of a conversation, her questions are well-thought out and provides an opportunity for insight into what it is we are doing and why. I am honoured to have been interviewed for the series and if you want to know more behind the name of my blog and my future work, do have a read.

Be sure to read previous interviews with Emily as she works towards Culinary School and Sue who gives you a front row seat to the Food Network and teaches you about things beyond the screen.


Breadfruit, boiled and then sauteed in a mustard paste. The paste I discovered back in 2007 at Sailu's blog and it's a favourite. Click here for her recipe. See Shn's version as well.

I love the flavour of Tom Yom - hot and sour and the versatility of it to be used in many dishes. When I saw Rita's Tom Yum Fried Rice, I knew I had to try it. Love it! Click here for her recipe.

I just saw the word cardamom and immediately bookmarked Syrie's Cardamom Custard. Here is her recipe. She served hers with caramelized oranges. Oh sweet fragrant cardamom!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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