Lunch in the Caribbean

>> Saturday 25 April 2009

Breakfast we can forego, mid-morning snack, tea and dinner we can miss or have something light, but not lunch. We want it heavy and we want it hearty. We want real food.

Coming from such a lunch-eating background then, read about an invitation to lunch I had in the USA several years ago that left me hungry and frustrated.

In Barbados, Lasagna Bolognese makes a daily appearance on the many lunch-buffet tables.

Thanks Marie and Maryann for sharing your thoughts and recipes for review.

Spinach (bhajee) rice is a favourite of mine and I first had it for lunch in Trinidad. Bounjal baby-shrimp is very popular in certain parts of the region also and is served with plain white rice or alongside dhal and rice.

Recipe for the lasagne can be found at the bottom of the column. For the spinach rice and bounjal shrimp, please do not hesitate to email me.

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