I'm Not Hungry

>> Saturday 9 May 2009

Twice each year I go through a phase where I find food unappealing. I find myself not feeling hungry and even when I try to envision my favourite dishes I generally like to indulge in, nothing happens. There’s no excitement. No love for food of any kind. I am currently going through one of those phases. Click here to read the rest of the column and reason behind all the food you see displayed in this post despite my lack of hunger. It almost seems like an oxymoron.

Credit for the corn pudding inspiration goes to a regular reader, Rochelle. Thanks! Recipe at the bottom of the column.

There are many Khottu recipes out there but I rembered book marking Arundati's.

Green-tomato Choka. Email me for recipe.

Brown Beef (salt, pepper & Kecap Manis)

These days, taking part in blog events are a luxury. I'd bookmark the event and totally forget about it or I'd make something for the event and miss the deadline or make something only for it not to qualify for the theme. That's what happened with the last MLLA edition hosted by Coco. I made this chickpea dish but it was definitely not an appetizer, more like a full meal. It is something that I made on the whim, no special quantities etc. It's dried chickpeas, rehydrated overnight and then cooked in water with a smoked ham-hock, drained and then sauteed with onions, hot pepper, some minced cilantro along with the chopped ham from the hock and sliced green onions stirred in at the end.

I'm sending this to the current MLLA edition being hosted by Lori-lynn and created by Susan.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my Mom & Sister and to all of you reading this that are mothers! Have a great day!

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