Is Your Bread Buttered?

>> Saturday 21 February 2009

I was 17, it was my first job and someone in the office innocently asked what each of us had for breakfast that morning. Sean sat upright in his chair and said boldly with dignity and pride, “I had buttered bread.” Everyone grew quiet; there was awkwardness in the room. Suddenly we all got busy, mumbled about having a busy day and buried our heads into the files on our desk. Clearly we all thought the same thing – poor Sean, all he had for breakfast was bread and butter...

Why the awkwardness you ask? Read the column and you'll understand why.

Butterflaps have long been a favourite on the Guyanese food-scene, these days I don't think that they are as popular and I'm not sure why. I can guess though that it probably has to do with the quality not being up to standard.

Butterflaps are white bread dough that's been cut into pieces, rolled, liberally spread with butter and folded over twice (hence the flap) and baked. Just as they come out of the oven, they are loving caressed with some warm, melted butter! Oh gosh, I want one right now (lol)

For excellent butterflaps you have to start with a really high-quality salted butter. I recently brought a can of some good Dutch salted butter that I used in this recipe. For a step by step demo of the process along with instructions, follow this link. You can use any white-bread dough recipe, however if you prefer to use the one I used, email me and I'll send it to you right away.

Just look at this gorgeous perfectly puffed buttery butterflap!

It's party time in the Caribbean this week, Trinidad & Tobago is celebrating Carnival and Guyana is celebrating it's Republic Anniverary with Mashramani! Have a great time everyone!

If you're Roman Catholic and looking for a Caribbean-European-styled recipe for Pancakes to make on Shrove Tuesday, click here for my recipe. See here also.

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