Skills, Buns & A Pudding

>> Saturday 28 February 2009

Bombarded with kitchen tools and gadgets, I have learnt to be smart about making such purchases. I have weighed my impulse of buying gadgets and tools against my skills and ability to complete the same tasks which these gadgets and tools claim to fame. Time also plays a factor. For example, I usually consider how much time and effort would be involved in using a particular tool or gadget versus me doing it by hand with the essential tools such as a knife and a cutting board. Click here to read the column.

As some of you can attest, it is clear that as we get older our tastes for some things change. I've often talked about not really having a sweet tooth but these days I seem to crave some sweetness, particularly after a meal, so I've been looking for some quick and easy things to make. I've even taken to baking whole coconut breads (sweet breads), slicing and freezing them so that I can have a sweet fix whenever I want.

I found this delicious, creamy recipe at Culinate. I was drawn to it immediately because it made me think of rice pudding. You can flavour it with whatever spices you like, I opted for cardamom in this case and added an extra touch by gently sauteing some ripe bananas. Here is the recipe from Culinate.

Now, don't blame me for this part of the post, blame him. He made me do it! I could not resist his lure of making Potato Sour Cream & Chive Bread/Buns. You have got to try this recipe, the aroma from the oven will envelope you and the taste - slathered with some butter or sharp cheese, one bite and you'll understand why I had to make these. The recipe can be found here.

Look at that. Tell me that you don't want to sink your teeth into it.

Look at it again. I know you are tempted. Give in. Give in. (evil smile) Aw come on, I need company in my sinful ways (lol)

Hey everyone, don't forget Meeta's Monthly Mingle! It's all Caribbean this month! If you're unsure of what kinds of things to make or if you have questions or want to discuss what to make, drop me a line as some of you have been doing. I am happy to help.

Have a great weekend and a productive week everyone. Can you believe that we are in March already?!

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