Day 2: Dinner Rolls

>> Thursday 13 December 2018

Today I am presenting 2 rolls - Pull-apart Garlic-butter Butterflaps and Pumpkin-Rosemary Rolls. Both or either of these rolls would be a welcome addition to any table as dinner rolls. The pull-apart bread is the perfect way of 'breaking bread' with family, friends and loved ones.

 photo pkin rolls9_zpswlri0z2i.png

Make these as is - bun size - but they can easily be doubled in quantity by making the rolls smaller.

 photo Prep rolls2_zpsxwj7q1yr.png

 photo Prep rolls_zps0vzsbndo.png

 photo bkd rolls5_zps6uakz7pe.png

Just like the Pumpkin-Rosemary rolls, you can double the quantity for this pull-apart bread by making each piece of dough smaller and baking in 2 pans.

 photo Garlic Butter_zpszcezdkj6.png

The recipe for the homemade garlic butter can be found in the recipe for the dough (see below).

 photo gbb flaps_zps1lpsq7i9.png

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