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>> Wednesday 24 October 2018

If you want food that feeds the soul, a bowl of Crab and Callaloo Soup can do the job. It will calm the nerves, slow you down and shut out the noise in your head. It is a soup to savour.

Thick, silky, and creamy, each spoonful slides smoothly across the tongue. If you eat it with dumplings, the chew is hearty; and the crab, well, that's the prize in the bowl. Abandon the spoon and use your hands - pick up the crab, then lick, suck, crack, and pry it open to get to the sweet crab meat.

Use the freshest ingredients to make this soup; this means using freshly squeezed coconut milk. However, if you only have access to canned coconut milk, then use it but dilute the canned coconut milk using a 1:1.5 ratio (for every cup of canned coconut milk, dilute it with 1 1/2 cups of water).

Most countries in the Caribbean have their own version of Crab Soup/Crab & Callaloo Soup. This is how I make mine.

RECIPE - Crab & Callaloo Soup

Crab Callaloo Soup photo plated soup2_zpskr7tbvks.png

Several years ago, I started a recipe column in Stabroek News - In Good Taste. It was a recipe column, separate and apart from my other and current food column in Stabroek News, Tastes Like Home. In Good Taste ended in December 2017. I am happy to now share with you, recipes from that column, which I will be posting from time to time.

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