Satisfying A Taste: Aniseed Biscotti

>> Tuesday 14 August 2018

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The other day, a food-in (Guyanese term for foodie) friend was sharing with me the pleasures of eating Guyanese-style Aniseed Biscuits. I have to confess - my memory of the biscuit was not as vivid as his; I vaguely remember large brown flat biscuits with crinkled edges. The biscuits were hard and crisp, they were often broken into pieces when given to us as children.

I've been looking for a recipe for the Guyanese Aniseed Biscuit but I've had no luck so far. If you have one, please share. While looking, I did come across recipes from other countries for aniseed biscuits and cookies; seems to be a popular flavour.

Using my basic biscotti recipe, I added aniseed and it satisfied by craving for the taste of aniseed biscuit. I shared these with Guyanese friends living here in Barbados. When I opened the glass jar in which the biscuits were stored, they said the whiff of aniseed transported them back to a place and time of their childhood in Guyana. Click here for the recipe.

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