Guyana @ 50 - Pressure Cooker

>> Monday 16 May 2016

Almost every home in Guyana has at least 1 pressure cooker, often there is more than one. And Hawkins is a household name in Guyana. We use these pots to make Pepperpot, Soups, Dhal, and Stews among other things. Many pots of Cook-up Rice are started in a pressure cooker with tripe, beef, salt meat and rehydrated beans and peas being tenderised and cooked before the other ingredients are added.

Many of the pressure cookers have been in households for ages and there are many stories to tell, even scary ones. These pots are indispensable in our kitchens.

Pressure Cooker photo pcooker_zpsiryrt1fd.png
Pressure Cooker ©Cynthia Nelson

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