Guyana @ 50 - Mettagee

>> Tuesday 17 May 2016

This one-pot meal of Ground Provisions (roots and tubers) cooked in fresh-squeezed coconut milk, onions, fragrant herbs, hot peppers, and sometimes seasoned with salt fish cooked IN the pot or salted pig-tail or beef, is what I call soul food. Mettagee, or Metem for short, fills and satisfies you in such a way that once eaten, you feel like all will be well.

As with most one-pot dishes there is a certain skill and technique to staggering some of the ingredients so that everything finishes cooking at the same time without one ingredient being overcooked or turning to mush.

Mettagee photo mettagee_zpsfejgtnda.png
Mettagee ©Cynthia Nelson

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