Guyana @ 50 - Enamelware

>> Monday 2 May 2016

Though there would be tableware of the finest of materials, enamelware was still to be found in many homes. These days, enamelware has made a huge comeback and I can't get enough of them. They are hard to find locally but every now and then you can spot a few pieces. Each morning I drink my tea from a large enamel cup that holds just the right amount of tea. I like the covers that come with the cups too as they keep the tea hot as it steeps.

I have fond memories of watching one of my beloved aunts cool her evening tea by pouring the hot tea from one enamel cup into another; she'd skilfully raise her hands high in the air as she poured and not a drop would miss the cup below.

Enamel Cup photo ecup_zpspivj7dhl.png
Enamel Cup ©Cynthia Nelson

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