Guyana @ 50 - Tennis Rolls

>> Tuesday 3 May 2016

Each country in the Caribbean has their special breads and rolls. In Guyana Tennis Roll is THE bread roll of choice. Even though it is popularly served and eaten with sharp cheddar cheese, eggs, ham, butter, jam, jelly, peanut butter, sardines and tuna are among the things that can be sandwiched between a cut tennis roll.

A Tennis Roll is not simply an ordinary bread roll, it is flavoured with lemon and the dough is worked in such a way to form a very fine crumb. The recipe for Tennis Rolls is elusive and a carefully guarded secret by the various bakeries that make them. Those of us who try to make it at home, do some from our own taste memory.

Tennis Rolls photo tennis rolls_zps8qv5avfc.png
Tennis Rolls ©Cynthia Nelson

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