Guyana @ 50 - Duck Curry

>> Saturday 14 May 2016

We Guyanese like we curry! We have this saying - as long as it moves, we can curry it. Ain't that the truth. Duck Curry or Curry Duck seems to have a special hold on us. We make this curry when we are sporting (liming), having family and friends over, on special occasions or when we feel like eating it. In many cooking competitions, Duck Curry is the number one or main item around which the competition is centered.

From the masala mix to the type of pot to the kind of heat for the cooking - fireside, stovetop, wood or coals - all factor in when it comes to cooking duck curry. Whenever we went to visit my maternal aunts and uncle in the country, they would abandoned their stoves and pressure cookers for the fireside and big karahi for the cooking of duck curry.

Duck Curry photo duck curry_zpsjfkiswos.png
Duck Curry ©Cynthia Nelson

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