Development of C'bean Cuisine: A Journey of Discovery & Appreciation

>> Saturday 18 April 2015

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I was in Trinidad at the end of March to give a talk at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, and to also get a first-hand look at what the final year students, studying nutrition and dietetics and nutritional sciences, produce as one their final projects. If you are a subscriber to Stabroek News, you can read all about it in my column this week.

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For this project, the students (divided into groups) had a choose a Caribbean country and "sell" that country through its food. They had to research the food and food culture of the place they chose, prepare, cook and present the food for evaluation to a team of 3 judges. It was an opportunity for them (students), to learn about the food from other parts of the region. As I said in my column, this exercise shows that there is still hope for Caribbean traditional cooking and traditional dishes. All is not lost.

Coconut Bake & Salt Fish photo svg dish_zpslvc3drdf.jpg

Click here for an album of some of the behind-the-scenes moments. When you're done, go to the website of one of the judges, Noveck Gowandan, for photos of each of the dishes presented; there you will also find a complete list of all the students that participated day students and evening students.

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