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>> Monday 27 October 2014

It was not like me to disappear unannounced but it happened and I apologise. It was one of those situations where you missed a scheduled posting and then it stretched into a longer period of time. I ditched Facebook and Twitter for the same period of time too. I ain't gonna lie, though I missed you, I enjoyed being away :-)) But I am back and slowly getting into the rhythm of blogging again.

The MY FOOD Project has been ongoing behind the scenes but the interviews will continue to be posted effective from next week Wednesday.

BF Cassava2 photo bfcassava5a_zps97b7eea0.jpg

Today I am sharing with you one of my all-time favourite ground provisions - cassava (aka yucca). This is the veggie version, it can also be cooked with salt fish. Yum! This method of preparation is called 'boil & fry'. The cassava is first peeled and boiled then 'fried' really meaning a sauté. I did something a little different  this time around - I let the tomatoes cook low and slow until they became pulpy and sauce like. I also wanted the flavour of garlic to be more pronounced so instead of crushing and finely chopping, I grated the garlic making it a paste. Add it (the garlic paste) the same time with the tomatoes so that it can cook through well. The recipe is here, just leave out the salt fish.

BF Cassava photo bfcassava3_zps4192d221.jpg

Talk to you again, soon!

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