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>> Wednesday 5 November 2014

Hi and welcome to MY FOOD! Sharing her food with us this week is Samanta Browne who has been living in Toronto, Canada for 21 years.

Welcome Samanta!

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MF: How do you identify yourself?
SB: As Guyanese-Canadian. I have been living here (Canada) longer than I have lived in Guyana. I call Canada my home away from home.
MF: If you had to choose a particular dish or two that would identify you as Guyanese, what would they be:
SB: Without a doubt, they would be Pepperpot and Cook-up Rice. Both the ingredients and style/technique of cooking sets these two dishes apart as distinctly Guyanese.
MF: And if you had to choose a Canadian dish?
SB: I don't particularly have a favourite dish from Canada, however, Poutine and Maple syrup would stand out as two very Canadian things of my home away from home.
MF: In thinking of Guyana as home, is there any food or drink that you consider to be a taste of home?
SB: The drinks would be Mauby, Cherry juice and Cane juice. For dishes, I'd say fried Bangamary, Guyanese-style Chinese Fried rice or Low Mein, roti and chicken curry.
Bangamary is a white fish that is very popular in Guyana.

MF: Generally when you're entertaining, what type of food do you make?
SB: Mostly West Indian/Guyanese such as roti and curry and Cook-up rice.
MF: What are some of the rituals/traditions or practices associated with food from Guyana that you upkeep?
SB: Making Cook-up rice for Old Year's Night and Pepperpot and bread for Christmas morning. I also tend to make fried fish at Easter time.
MF: What was the food you missed the most when you first moved to Canada?
SB: The local fish and the variety of fresh vegetables.
MF: How would you describe Guyanese food?
SB: Fresh and tasty.
MF: When you visit Guyana and are ready to return to your other home (Canada), what are some of the foods/ingredients that you take/bring back with you?
SB: Fish, fried bakes, cassareep, pepper sauce, fudge, curry powder and geera (cumin).
MF: Finally, is it important to you that your children know about the food of Guyana? If so, why?
SB: It is very important. When I cook, I am sharing and instilling in them a love of home and culture.
MF: Thanks for sharing Samanta!

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