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>> Saturday 5 September 2009

Are you like me – do you give your best friends and loved ones a list of food to bring when they’re coming to visit from overseas, especially if they are coming from home? I do! A few days ago I had a taste of home. My mom’s visiting and she brought for me Chinese Fried Rice and Chinese Cakes (moon cakes). Bliss! Click here to continue reading the column. I'd love to hear what are some of the goodies you request when loved ones are coming to visit :)

Fresh Black-Eye Peas

Last week, for the first time, I bought some fresh black-eye peas. It was a joy to cook with especially since it was done cooking in no time. It is not feasible for me to cook often with fresh peas though as it is costly. The amount you see here in the photograph - just over a cup, costs US$4. A few weeks ago I saw this dish, Aloo Lobia over at Monsoon Spice and knew right away that I'd be making it soon. My friends, Sonia, William and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sia's Aloo Lobia

For several years now, I've been seeing this particular variety of cucumber at the market here in Barbados but never felt motivated to try it even though I love cucumbers and purchase them weekly. It's simply called Bajan Cucumbers. The skin has always been a turn off for me - like something's wrong with it. However, last week, I thought that I'd give it a try and once I cut it, I found it was very similar to the regular cucumbers. It doesen't taste any different, it's just a different variety and it grows larger in size. It sells for more money too! If any of you recognize this variety of cucumber, please let me know.

Bajan Cucumber

Finally, plums are in season. These are caribbean plums. They're rather fragrant when ripe. Though they do not have a lot of flesh on them, they're a delight to have.

Caribbean Plums

Enjoy the weekend, especially for those of you in the USA celebrating Labor Day!

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