In search of a pot!

>> Saturday 12 September 2009

Boiled & ready for drinking. Look at the cream on top!

I ran myself ragged this past Tuesday in search of a pot in which to scald milk. I visited eleven stores before I found the kind of pot I was looking for – one with the capacity to hold a gallon of milk and the requisite heavy bottom. Four and a half hours after setting out from home, I returned, tired and hot, but triumphant. I had my milk-pot! Want to know why and how it all started? Click here to read the column.

I have friends and my mom's visiting. Last week, I wrote about my list of things for mom to bring for me, well, in the case of Aunty Sarah, it was a stunning surprise, among the things that I had requested, she surprised me and brought sweet treats - that I've never had before in my life - all the way from India. Gosh, some of us foodies really are spoilt! Here's what she brought:

I'm taking my time going through them.

This is one of my mother's favourite meals for dinner - dhal & roti. The dhal is poured onto the plate and the roti then torn to pieces and mixed together. Dhal, I love but dhal and roti, together like this, not my thing :)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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