Set, Pickled, Packed & Frozen

>> Saturday 29 August 2009

I am rich with the bounty of the season! My freezer, refrigerator, pantry and countertop are looking mighty attractive with all the goodies that have been entrusted to them. What about you? Click here for more in this week's column.

Onions have been pickled. Scroll down to the bottom of the column for my recipe.

Manisha's lime and lemon pickles are set and cooking in the hot Caribbean sun!

Guava and passion fruit pulp have been bagged and frozen.

Sauces have been made and bottled.

These days I am swamped with projects and work and don't get a chance to participate in blog events. However, I am sending the photograph below to Jugalbandi's CLICK. The theme is Heirloom. Actually, they are hosting two events in tandem - Monthly Mingle & CLICK, the theme for both events are the same but the rules differ. My entry is specifically for CLICK.

This is what we (in Guyana) call a lorha & sil (I'm currently working on an article about its use). I am not sure if it is called the same thing in Trinidad & Tobago. Chennette? Around the world, there are similar stones in various shapes, sizes and textures that are used for grinding. In some parts of India it is known as a sil batta. The stones are used to grind spices, herbs and various other things to a paste and very fine texture. Here it is being used to grind coconut choka.


We are in the age of the food processor and coffee grinder (excellent for grinding spices) and so, though a few households still have these, they are discarded and rarely in use.

Ramadan Mubarak! - To all my family, friends and readers of this blog that are observing the holy month.

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