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>> Saturday 19 September 2009

I chuckled a couple of weeks ago as I read Dave Martins’ article, Guarding the recipe, in which he expressed his enjoyment of some “mouth-watering” and “mek yuh foot bottom lif’ off de ground” (make your feet lift off of the ground) food in the forms of corn bread, fry bake, pepper sauce, fried snapper and coconut fish. Dave enjoyed these creations so much that he wanted to try making them himself but the creators would not share their recipes. Although he extolled the delights of his Cardamom Bread, he stopped short of sharing his recipe with us. He’s guarding his recipe too! Well, I was going to have none of it... click here to read the column.

I first saw the Cardamom Bread on Aparna's blog and was led to Mike Swanson's website. Mike, thanks again for permission to publish your recipe in print. You can click here for Mike's recipe in which he gives variations if you're making the bread by hand or using a bread machine.

Cardamom Bread

Aparna's recipe with some variations can be found here.

I seriously doubt that the coconut-fish concoction that Dave was referring to was the Kerala Fish Molee, I think he had some of Belize's Fish Serre which is similar, in that the fish is cooked in coconut milk along with fresh herbs and some ground provisions. Thanks to my friend Lyra, I hope to make this dish soon and share the recipe with you.

Fish Molee Spices

For now, I'd like you to continue enjoying this wonderfully delicious and delicately spiced fish curry that is Fish Molee. You can find recipes for it here, here and here. Since I first made Fish Molee, I have been using Malar's recipe and tweaking it with lemograss :) Thanks for permission to publish your recipe too Malar.

Fish Molee

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