Hey Good-looking! Thanks Guavas!

>> Saturday 26 September 2009

Have you had your guava today? Packed with Vitamin C (some scientists argue that it has more Vitamin C than Orange) and other nutrients, this is one of nature's gifts that you should not pass up when it is in season. Right now, in the Caribbean, we are enjoying a bountiful guava season! Click here to read the column and learn more about the health benefits of this fruit. Be sure to check out my previous posts on Stewed Guavas, Guava Jam & Guava Cheese.

I made a chunky-style jam and encased it in a rich short crust pastry, very similar to the Guyanese pine tarts.

On another occasion, I sliced the sweet flesh and made mini Guava Tart Breads and a loaf as well. I swapped out the apples from my friend Chuck's Apple Tart Bread by substituting with cups of sliced guavas. See the recipe here at the bottom of the column. Thanks Chuck.

And you don't have to ask, of course I make some drink :)

If you've never had guavas before, do give it a try.

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