My Char Siu & Siew Yuk

>> Saturday 28 March 2009

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you obviously know of my love for the Chinese cuisine. And if you've indeed been following this blog, you will also be aware of our love for "Arnold". With this in mind, I present to you two dishes that I have been working hard at making, trying to get the right texture, taste and flavour - Char Siu (Chinese barbecued pork) and Siew Yuk (Chinese crispy roast pork).


On the occasions when I made both dishes the first time, my tasters and I never made it to the table to sit down for the meal, we stood in the kitchen eating communal style from the platter of pork. Ashamed at our behaviour, we then sat down and ate the rice and vegetables I'd prepared to go with the meal. You know, as a way of assuaging or guilt. The second time around, we forcibly made our way to the dining table. Click here to read the column.

I saw her Char Siu post and it boosted my confidence to try making it. And my good friend Marvin of Burnt Lumpia, is outstanding in his presentation of Filipino pork dishes, check out his series titled: 5-point Pork Exploding Heart Technique. My dear friend KC has quite a variety of pork dishes you can check out as well. And finally, my gal-pal, Heather of The Culinary Chase made her own Char Siu recently too.

BOTH RECIPES can be found at the bottom of the column.

Don't forget to join with the rest of the world tonight at 8.30 for Earth Hour and switch off your lights for 1 hour as a Vote for Earth! Read all about it here.

Have a great weekend my friends!

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