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>> Saturday 7 March 2009

One main ingredient, with very similar modes of preparation, creates two dishes that represent two different religious foods in Guyana. The coming week will see countries with large Hindu and Muslim populations celebrating Youman-Nabi, the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad and the Hindu festival of Phagwah (Holi), also known as the spring festival. We Guyanese and Trinbigonians will be part of this international celebration. Our countries observe these religious events as National holidays. Click here to read the column and learn a little more about how a dish is perceived differently and yet offers lessons in similarity that we can all learn from as a people.

So without further ado, I present to you a dish made in these parts and simply called by the name of the noodle itself, vermicelli, also known as wet-vermicelli and in other places as Vermicelli Payasam. This for us in the Caribbean is a traditional Hindu dessert.

Now this version, called Vermicelli Cake, is what Guyanese in particular consider a traditional Muslim dessert. The recipes for both of these dishes are immediately available just shoot me an email and I'll send them to you.

Enjoy the celebrations and have a great weekend everyone.

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