Immature Onions?

>> Saturday 28 June 2008

This week it's all about my beloved green onions/scallions/spring onions, you get the picture. Well, if being immature is this attractive and versatile while making a bold yet subtle presence either on my tongue or to my eyes, then please, do not ever mature! Click here for the column.

  • If you want more about slicing green onions, check out Cookthink.
  • If you're interested in reducing the oniony flavour when adding green onions to a salad, let Tigerfish tell you and show you how.
  • If you're looking for a fast delicious meal in which green onions are one of the key ingredients, then you've got to try this dish by Gattina.
  • And for a green vegetarian dish that's sure to please, eaten with some rice, pickle and dhal, then head on over to Ferdzy.
Purple Green Onions
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Show me your moves as you garnish.

Green onions

The Chinese and Korean cuisines are known for their green onions pancakes, however, this week, I wanted to try making a green onion-paratha the way we make paratha roti here in the Caribbean with the exception of clapping the roti. It turned out really well and the taste testers were enthusiastic as I served them the roti with some of my spiced sauteed potatoes. For the recipes of any or all of the dishes, please send me an email.

Roti and potato
Fried Potatoes

Egg salad is another of those many dishes in which I enjoy the green onions.

Egg Salad

I would like to thank my fellow crabby buddy and all of you for your kind birthday wishes. Thank You!

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