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>> Saturday 21 June 2008

Hi Everyone, I'm back! I want to start this week by saying thanks to all those who participated in the Tried & Tasted, Tastes Like Home Edition. It was a pleasure answering your questions, sharing recipes and marvelling at your creations and adaptations with interesting twists. Thank you!

While travelling, I found myself in a hotel room outfitted with a kitchen and I just couldn't help myself, I had to cook (lol) hence the title of this post and my column this week, MY Hotel Food. Here are the three dishes I made, the recipes are simple and super easy, read the column and you'll find it all there. My hotel-room cooking is testament of what quality ingredients will yield minus the frills and all the things we fuss about having before we set about cooking.

Pan fried salmon & Green Onions

Steak and Onions

Rice Pilaf with Sausages & Herbs

Hey, it's really sad that Taste Spotting had to close isn't it? Many of us will surely miss it. But, guess what... Dhanggit of Dhanggit's Kitchen has created the Recipe Muncher, the slogan says it all: "hungry no more." You've got to check it out, and everyone's invited to add their blog. Unlike Taste Spotting where you had to submit your photographs etc. Recipe Muncher subscribes to your blog so you don't have to do anything but visit and salivate! :) It's really a foodie's delight. Seriously, check it out.

And finally, if you are planning to travel this summer whether for business or pleasure, read my post at Forgive Me My Nonsense... first.

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