Barbados @ 50 - Roast Breadfruit

>> Tuesday 29 November 2016

One of the best ways to eat breadfruit is roasted directly over fire. The smoke penetrates the flesh and gives it the best flavour; eaten with a sprinkling of salt or a drizzle of melted butter, eat bite is delicious.

Stuffed roast breadfruit came about from simply being creative when "bush cooking" (cooking outdoors away from all the trappings of a kitchen). The top of the breadfruit is cut and the center where the stem is embedded, is hollowed, generously rubbed with butter and then stuffed with cooked meats or sometimes with seasoned fish. The cap is secured in place with skewers and then set over a fire to roast.

 photo Stuffed breadfruit2_zpsi3xxmtsm.png

 photo Roast breadfruit2_zpswzhynhhs.png

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