Barbados @ 50 - Red Ju-C

>> Monday 28 November 2016

You may be wondering what is the big deal posting about a soda. Well let me tell you, this soda here - Red Ju-C is wickedly good and it goes well with so very many things. It is a Bajan tradition. On its own, cold with ice, it is refreshing. A ham cutter without Red Ju-C to chase it is found to be wanting. At Christmas, this is the # 1 soda (all year round too). You have to stock up on this soda early because it gets sold out. Remember I told you that it goes well with a lot of other things? It is a great combo with rum and vodka, Campari and other alcoholic beverages. Mix it with beer and you have your own brew of shandy. So good!

 photo red juc7_zpsftmp7yma.png 

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