Barbados @ 50 - Salt Bread

>> Monday 31 October 2016

Each country in the region has its signature bread roll which is separate and apart from their signature loaf bread. Round bread rolls called Salt Bread is Barbados' signature rolls. These rolls, while they can be eaten plain or with butter and jam, are turned into cutters. A cutter is a salt bread that is sliced crossway and stuffed with a filling. Whatever that filling is becomes the name of the cutter. For example, if the filling is cheese, it becomes a cheese cutter, fried fish, a fish cutter, sliced ham, ham cutter etc. If 2 fish cakes are stuffed between the cut salt bread it is known as "bread and two".

As with many other things, each household and individual has their preference of bakery where the salt bread is made. And all salt bread are not created equal. What I mean by this is that people look for different things in salt bread. Some like the roll to be hard while others like it soft; some like it dense while others prefer it light.

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