Barbados @ 50 - Okra Slush

>> Monday 17 October 2016

In most countries in the Caribbean, there is a soup called callaloo. Callaloo soup varies in terms of the main and flavouring ingredients. Callaloo is a word that is generally used to describe dasheen/eddo leaves; it is also used as an umbrella word in some parts of the region to include all leafy variety of the green vegetable known as spinach and even pak choi. B'dos not have a callaloo soup as part of their cuisine but they do have something similar that is made with okra (okra is a key ingredient in some callallo soups). Okra Slush is okra, sliced thinly and boiled with salted beef and or salted pigtails along with herbs and aromatics to become a thick silky soup that is eaten with boiled ground provisions (tubular roots). If you like okra (like I do), then you will love this dish.

Okra Slush photo okra slush_zpspqp7m9z8.png

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