The Making Of A Belna (Rolling Pin)

>> Thursday 25 August 2016

A couple of years ago, whilst on a visit to Guyana, I had a belna (rolling pin) custom-made. I wanted a belna with a longer centre making it easy to roll and flatten large pieces of dough, whether for bread, roti, pastry or pasta. While this rolling pin is a little heavier due to its size and type of wood used, I do not have to exude any sort of pressure when rolling. Finally, it is custom-made to comfortably match the stretch of my arms when extended for rolling. My hands rest evenly and comfortably on the handles.

I took photographs of the process from start to finish to share with you. Enjoy.

Rolling Pin1 photo wood_zpsqwx0xcpc.png

Rolling Pin2 photo wood working_zpsffgabgvp.png

Rolling Pin3 photo wood working2_zpscjnuykfe.png

Rolling Pin4 photo wood working3_zpsobhhjzww.png

Rolling Pin5 photo wood working4_zpsn7dygmtn.png

Rolling Pin6 photo wood working6_zps0l43un9n.png

Rolling Pin7 photo wood working7_zpsh8gqe9mx.png

Rolling Pin8 photo wood working9_zpsmljsroyc.png

Rolling Pin9 photo wood working10_zpstkadg3ym.png

Rolling Pin10 photo rolling pin2_zpsvcfdsdej.png

Rolling Pin11 photo rolling pin7_zpsnq0jwzw4.png

Rolling Pin12 photo rolling pin9_zpsgqavkdt5.png

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