Guyana @ 50 - Stewed Fish

>> Thursday 12 May 2016

In Guyana we get an astounding array of fish. There is so much variety that you can eat a different type of fish each day for 3 weeks, and that is based on my conservative count and limited knowledge. We prepare fish in many ways - curried, fried, steamed, smoked, salted, choka, baked, roasted, fried as fritters and blackened. A popular way to cook fish is stewed. The fish is first seasoned, fried lightly and then cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, lots of onions, fresh Guyanese thyme, celery, hot peppers, garlic and whatever else a cook feels will elevate the stew.

Stew Fish photo stew fish_zpsr92hvvbi.png
Stewed Fish ©Cynthia Nelson

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