Guyana @ 50 - Baked Chicken

>> Wednesday 11 May 2016

Each country in the Caribbean boasts of its baked chicken and while they are all tasty in their own right, I prefer my Guyanese style of baked chicken. Each household has its own way of seasoning and marinating the chicken. In our home, a fresh herb paste (green seasoning) would be made the same day to rub all over the pieces of chicken. Soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, a little cassareep (just for colour, not too much), ubiquitous Chinese sauce, freshly grated ginger, garlic and hot pepper sauce would all be added to the chicken. The seasoned chicken would be stored in an airtight container and be refrigerated overnight for a nice long marination. I think that that is one of the 'secrets' to our baked chicken tasting so good.

The next day, everything - chicken and marinade - would get put into a large oven proof dish and be baked until cooked, appealingly browned, with its own sauce.

Baked Chicken photo baked chicken_zpsux2b40jk.png
Baked Chicken ©Cynthia Nelson

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