Guyana @ 50 - Roti

>> Saturday 7 May 2016

In Guyana we make several types of roti(s), and though the influence is from India, we have definitely put our stamp on this favourite flat bread with the use of leavening agents such as powder and yeast, depending on the type of roti made. We also mostly use all-purpose flour for our roti(s) even though wholewheat roti(s), especially sada are increasingly popular.

Our roti(s) are plain such as our Paratha or Dosti roti or they can be stuffed as is the case with our Dhal Puri and Aloo (potato) roti. Potato roti is one of those roti(s) that is meant to be eaten on its own due to the savoury spiced filling of mashed potatoes.

The photograph of this the 31st day of the Guyana @ 50 Food Photo Project shows potato roti being cooked on a tawah.

Aloo Roti photo aloo roti_zpsmcudakwe.png
Potato Roti Cooking ©Cynthia Nelson

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