Guyana @ 50 - Pepperpot

>> Wednesday 25 May 2016

Pepperpot is a famous Guyanese Christmas dish, though these days, some people make it all year round. It is a dish that originated with our Indigenous Peoples. The use of cassareep (a concentrated syrup made from the juice of grated cassava that has boiled for hours until it becomes very thick and black) is a key ingredient in the making of Pepperpot. The taste of cassareep is deliciously complex with hints of sweet, savoury and caramel. The preservative elements of cassareep is what facilitates Pepperpot being kept at room temperature for days and weeks without spoilage. Pepperpot is heated to a boil twice daily.

Read more about Pepperpot here.

Pepperpot photo ppot_zpsbysoawkk.png
Pepperpot ©Cynthia Nelson

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