Sweets for Diwali

>> Monday 9 November 2015

Sweet Rice photo sweet rice_zpsoo5iva3u.png

Tomorrow Diwali/Deepavali will be celebrated in many parts around the world including the Caribbean. This year, the actual date of celebration in Guyana has not been without some bickering between 2 major Hindu organizations in the country, you can read about it here.

Disagreements aside, one of the things I love about such holidays is the array of goodies - both sweet and savoury - that abound. Sweet Rice/Rice Pudding/Kheer is one of my favourite desserts/treats. These days, one does not have to wait for a holiday, festival or special occasion to make certain foods, that, to me, makes them so every-day that they loose some the significance, and cultural association. The joys and rituals of preparing for the feasting and sharing get lost.

Living away from home (Guyana), I go through the motions of making certain things because that is what keeps me connected to the place and my family. I miss them the most at holidays and festivals.

Happy Diwali!

 photo kheer_zpsdjon0is5.png

Check out my friend Alica's recipe to make an ole-fashioned Guyanese-style rice pudding which we prefer to call SWEET RICE!

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