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>> Tuesday 31 December 2013

The hours of 2013 close in and 2014 looms large.

We know what we've experienced in 2013 - the good, the bad, the indifference and everything in-between. We've adjusted. We're still coping. We're still coming to grips. And we are ready to let go, all at the same time.

What the New Year will bring we do not know. But we can pray, and we can hope for betterment, not selfishly for ourselves but for all of those around us. We can wish that the goodwill we share can spread far beyond our own lives and even beyond our borders.

As human beings we have created so many rules and erected many walls and barriers, both visible and invisible to divide and segregate rather than to unite and unify.

We seem to have become afraid.

  • Afraid of our own shadow
  • Afraid to love
  • Afraid to trust
  • Afraid to care
  • Afraid to forgive
  • Afraid to understand
  • Afraid to tolerate
  • Afraid to embrace
  • Afraid to stand up 

Who are we? What have we become?

We live in a time where technology has shrunk the world yet we seem so far apart. We have many means to keep in touch, yet we seem disconnected. Alone. We've become obsessed with ourselves, why we even made it into the dictionary with our Selfies. We've turned the gaze inwards rather than outwards. Who do you see? What do you see?

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