Pancakes & Book Launch Photographs

>> Sunday 6 March 2011

Whew, I am barely making it to the weekend deadline of posting.

Given that Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday or as we like to say Pancake Day, let's go crazy and batter up! Pour it, swirl it or drop it. Whether you make the traditional flat pancakes or the Portuguese-inspired Malasadas, that's a favourite in Guyana, be sure not to miss having pancakes on this official day that we get to really indulge.

Whether you make them small or large, stack 'em high and watch them disappear. Here's the recipe for the fried pancakes (malasadas), including a step-by-step demo. You'll find a recipe for homemade syrup too. I think that everyone knows how to make the flat pancakes right?

I have finally gotten a chance to download some images of the book launch and am sharing them with you. Please click here to see the set.

Signing a copy of the book for Dr. Steve Surujbally, head of Guyana's Election Commission

I'm off to grade papers now.

Have a great week everyone.

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