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>> Sunday 27 February 2011

Hi Everyone,

I'm here. I was hoping to post yesterday but I've been too tired. This week has been particularly rough for me. I returned from a very successful book signing and book launch in Guyana last weekend (all the books were sold out before the actual book signing! The bookstore is currently restocking). Thank you Guyana!

Upon my return on Monday, I immediately began to prepare for my Tuesday morning class, then I had a number of meetings and several articles that needed to be completed by this weekend and that of course did not even include my weekly newspaper column. So to say that I have been busy... ummm yeah, just a little (smile). I have been feeling guilty about neglecting my blog and blog hopping.

I cannot say that things will return to some degree of normalcy but I can try my best and that is what I intend to do.

Hopefully, I'll have some photographs of the book signing/launch to share with you.

This week I did not have the chance to cook at all. I have been gladly feasting on the fish curry and fried fish that my sister and mom cooked and packed for me to bring back to Barbados. Thanks mom, thanks Sis! I needed all the help I could get this week.

This weekend (Feb 25 - 27) was Barbados' annual Agricultural fair - Agrofest. I went on Friday afternoon. Will share some pics with you soon. Until then, I'll leave you with this display and we'll catch up for sure next week, at least with a recipe.

Take care and have a productive week.

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