An Idea Worth Repeating

>> Friday 3 December 2010

Four ingredients are all that is needed to make Pommes Anna, a simple, yet elegant side dish. Potatoes, butter, salt and pepper come together and create a crisp and creamy mouthful that's sure to please all potato lovers.

The first time I made and serve this dish, I noticed that people were enviously looking at those who still had pieces of the crust on their plates - nibbling and savouring each morsel. Now I know that it is always a good idea to serve holiday meals communal style, after all, it is about being together, sharing together and eating together. However, I don't think that it will hurt if some of the dishes are made and served individually, such as these Mini Pommes Anna. This way, everyone gets their own stack of crusty and creamy potatoes.

I say that this is an idea worth repeating because I first saw these mini delights over at Bakers Royale. I thought it such a great idea, hence my repeating it here.

No cast iron pan needed for this recipe, you make these beauties right in your muffin pans! Get the recipe here. Please note that I significantly reduced the amount of salt than that stated in the recipe.


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