Moussaka - with Plantains!

>> Saturday 31 July 2010

Although considered Greek, the iconic Moussaka has its origins in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. According to Greek food expert, Aglaia Kremezi, before the 20th century, there was no Moussaka as it is known today! The first time I ate Moussaka was right here in the Caribbean, in Trinidad & Tobago, and it was made with ripe plantains! Read this week's column for more about this shared dish.

Prepping for the dish takes time but it is totally worth it.

The recipe can be found in this week's column

Here are some Greek experts whose Moussaka recipes you must try:

Peter's Zucchini Moussaka
Ivy's Traditional Moussaka
Sam's Marvellous Moussaka


Delve into a must-have in Caribbean kitchens - Green Seasoning and make your own with this recipe.

It's summer time and tomatoes are plenty! Make a simple salad to celebrate the flavours of the season.

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