Pau takes me back...

>> Saturday 6 March 2010

As I bit into a Pau I made earlier this week, I was filled with a range of emotions - happiness because I had successfully re-created something I loved as a child. Sadness because many of the people I associated with the memory of eating Pau have gone to the great beyond, and a feeling of emptiness... continue reading the column here.

I would like to thank Mama Fa Mi of Spice N Splendour & Ian-ieza@MyR for the granting of permission to print the recipe for the dough which can be found at the bottom of my column.

The filling for my Pau was Chicken and Vegetables. For the full recipe of dough and filling, click here.

Monday is International Women's Day and I'd like to take the time to salute all the women in my life - my life is richer as a result of your love and sacrifices. To the supportive and vibrant group of women that read this blog - you are a true inspiration and I am blessed to call you friend. May all your days be filled with peace and joy.

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