What is Wheat Germ? & It's HOT in here...

>> Saturday 27 February 2010

If you tell me to go into a health food store to buy a food item or product, I'll roll my eyes. Given this fact, how then do I end up talking about wheat germ, and what is it anyway? Click here to read this week's column and to find out how to use this super-health product.

And now for some heat. If you're not into spicy hot food, don't be put off by these dishes because the heat can be adjusted to suit your tastes. But, for chilli heads like me, this is as good as it gets.

First up, Pepper Roti. Here's the recipe with a step by step demo. And here are my important cooking notes on making this dish.

Next up is Scent of Spice's Roast Chicken with "Bajak" Chilli Sauce. The link includes the recipe.

The Hindu community the world over will be celebrating Phagwah (Holi) this weekend and I'd like to wish everyone a colourful, joyful and peaceful festival.

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