Stir it up with Simple Syrup

>> Saturday 24 October 2009

Are you tired of stirring and waiting for the sugar to dissolve in your drinks? Do you dislike the “raw” sugar taste your drinks have when you sweeten them with the actual sugar? If you do, then Simple Syrup will become your new best friend. Read this week's column and find out about the various degrees of thicknesses for Simple Syrup, how easy it is to make and what a time saver it is!

Simple Syrup can also be flavoured to enhance everthing you want to use it in or on. Click here for my table of Simple Syrup flavour combinations that you can make right in your own kitchen!

I use two types of sugars for my Simple Syrup and use them depending on the look of the final product that I want. So, I make the traditional Simple Syrup with granulated sugar and a brown simple syrup with the excellent brown sugar that is produced right here in the Caribbean.

Add a little natural sweetness to your life with Simple Syrup! And have a great weekend everybody!

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