It's Purple, It's Grape-like, It's Jamun! & Diwali Greetings!

>> Saturday 17 October 2009

From the bark to the leaves, to the fruit and its seeds - the Jamun tree is another of nature's wonderful gifts. Apart from providing vitamins A & C, Jamun contains antioxidants that can fight certain diseases and help protect our bodies. Read this week's column to find out more about Jamun. This fruit also makes excellent wine and vinegar because of it high tannin content. The easiest way to get its nutrients is to eat it as is or make a juice with it. At the end of the column, you will find my recipe for Jamun Juice. Click here.

You can check out Shaheen's love of the Jamun.

A blessed Diwali to everyone! Today, Hindus the world over are celebrating their biggest festival - the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil. From Nepal to Indonesia, Singapore to Sri Lanka, Japan to South Africa, Britian to Australia, Guyana to Fiji, Diwali is being observed in a major way. In Caribbean countries such as Guyana, Suriname & Trinidad & Tabago, today is designated as a national holiday. Read my previous post about Feasting at Festivals.

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