Haitian Griot (Fried Pork) & Accra

>> Saturday 8 August 2009

United by a complex history, the Caribbean is made up of four parts – the English-speaking Caribbean, the Dutch Caribbean, the Spanish Caribbean and the French Caribbean. While there are many similarities in the ingredients we use, some techniques and methods of preparation are as varied as the languages spoken. First colonised by the Spanish and then the French, the Haitian cuisine is a uniquely created cuisine that displays various nuances of Spanish, French and African cooking through its ingredients and methods of preparation. I invite you to read this week's column which gives some insight into Caribbean cuisine; learn about Haitian Griot Pork and Haitian Accra. When you make these two dishes I am sure they will delight you, your family and friends. And so without further ado, here again is this week's column. The recipe for the Griot can be found at the bottom of the column and here's the link to the Accra recipe. Enjoy!

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