At the heart of a row: Chicken Tikka Masala

>> Saturday 15 August 2009

Last week, news broke that there was a battle over who could claim ownership over Chicken Tikka Masala. Scottish Members of Parliament had invoked the wrath of Delhi historians and chefs. These Scottish MPs tabled a motion to have the dish's origin be officially recognised as Scottish through a Protected Designation of Origin. Personally, I think that this desire to hammer down the origins of Chicken Tikka Masala is part of a global trend and it is less about who created it and more about who can profit from it. Click here to read this week's column for my thoughts on this issue.

For this week's column and post, I sought to make Murgh/Chicken Tikka. Thanks to a very dear friend, Sonia, I was recently introduced to this book: Prashad - Cooking with Indian Masters. The recipe I used (Murgh Tikka) came from this book which is a gem! Thanks a mil Sonia!

This recipe is not the typical one you will find online, I cannot post it here but if you are interested in trying it, do email me.

A few weeks ago I saw this recipe for a Citrus Pudding at Patricia's blog and just could not help myself. It's really good. The next time I make it, however, I'll reduce the amount of sugar for my personal taste but my guests thoroughly enjoyed it. Here's the recipe.

Finally, I learnt this week, of the end of blog which I and many of you had grown very fond of - Sunita's World. Thanks for sharing your life and food with us my friend. As Manisha said, "I wish you many - if not more - friends in what you take up next." You will be dearly missed.

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