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>> Saturday 13 June 2009

What’s your steak preference – ribeye, strip, flank, sirloin, porterhouse, t-bone, prime rib…? And how do you like your steak – rare, medium rare, medium or well done? Ah, the choices when it comes to steak. For a steak novice, it can be a nerve-racking experience making these decisions and choices. And then there are those of us familiar with steaks that spend a lot of time trying to cook them properly.

If'you are or have ever been intimidated about cooking a steak then this week's column is a must read. Click here. And please do not let anyone tell you how you must eat your steak. Eat it the way you like!

A good steak starts with the right cut of meat and there are many cuts out there. Check out this link for some tips and well explained notes on cooking steaks.

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